Bob Dylan number one in German album charts for the first time

Bob Dylan number one in German album charts for the first time

In October 1965 it was a song called "Like A Rolling Stone" that Bob Dylan brought into the German charts for the first time. It was one of only five single hits the singer had in Germany to date, and it remained the best-placed at number 13.

"His Bobness" has always been more of an album artist, so the five singles have a total of 60 hits in the "Album" category for Bob Dylan in the website's archive for the German charts. But in 55 years, not a single Dylan album had made it to the top.

In 1997 "Time out of Mind" was the first Dylan release in the top ten (sixth place), "Love and Theft" made fourth place in 2001. And then Dylan albums seemed to be subscribed to second place: "Modern Times" (2006), "Together Through Life" (2009), "Tempest" (2012) and even the archive album "Another Tempest" (2013) just missed the top.

But now it has happened: With "Rough and Rowdy Ways", his first album with new original songs since 2012, the Nobel Laureate in Literature not only collected mostly good reviews , but obviously met with great demand from the German audience.

In his homeland, the United States, Bob Dylan also had this year for the first time the top of a billboard hit parade climbed – but it was still the sub-category of "Rock Digital Song Sales". In the "Billboard 200", the general album ranking, "Rough and Rowdy Ways" is not expected until next week.

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