Thursday , February 27 2020
American Airlines streicht Flüge mit der Boeing 737 Max bis Mitte Januar

Boeing's problem flyer: American Airlines expose 737 Max until January

The US airline American Airlines will not be any type of machines this year Boeing 737 Max use more. The company said that after two crashes with take-off banned aircraft to take out by 16 January from the flight plan.

Boeing's problem flyers thus fall during the Christmas period with strong travel. Previously, American 737 Max flights had been canceled until December 3.

Numerous flight cancellations

In the face of continuing difficulties, the Boeing in the desired readmission of the machines The airline's step comes as little surprise.

The 737 Max has not been allowed to take off worldwide since mid-March. Manufacturer Boeing is under pressureTo fix software issues that are considered a major cause of the two crashes with a total of 346 fatalities.

The start-up bans make it difficult for the airlines involved, so many flights are canceled. In addition, it is unclear if and when ordered 737 Max aircraft can be delivered, Boeing has already paid a lot of money for compensation payments.

The other two major US airlines with 737-Max machines in the fleet, Southwest and United Airlines, currently do not plan with the crisis jets until January 5 and December 19, respectively.

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