noun, plural bo·lus·es.

  1. Pharmacology, Veterinary Medicine. a round mass of medicinal material, larger than an ordinary pill. Abbreviation: bol.
  2. a soft, roundish mass or lump, especially of chewed food.
  3. bole2.

noun plural -luses

  1. a small round soft mass, esp of chewed food
  2. an intravenous injection of a single dose of a drug over a short period
  3. obsolete a large pill or tablet used in veterinary and clinical medicine
  4. another word for bole 2

n. pl. bo•lus•es

  1. A round mass.
  2. A single, relatively large dose of a drug that is administered for therapeutic purposes and taken orally.
  3. A concentrated mass of a pharmaceutical substance administered intravenously for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes.
  4. A soft mass of chewed food within the mouth or alimentary canal.

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