noun, plural bon·gos, (especially collectively) bon·go.

  1. a reddish-brown antelope, Taurotragus eurycerus, of the forests of tropical Africa, having white stripes and large, spirally twisted horns.

noun, plural bon·gos, bon·goes.

  1. one of a pair of small tuned drums, played by beating with the fingers.

noun plural -go or -gos

  1. a rare spiral-horned antelope, Boocercus (or Taurotragus) eurycerus, inhabiting forests of central Africa. The coat is bright red-brown with narrow cream stripes

noun plural -gos or -goes

  1. a small bucket-shaped drum, usually one of a pair, played by beating with the fingers


  1. Omar . original name Albert Bernard Bongo . 1935–2009, Gabonese statesman; president of Gabon (1967–2009)

1920, from American Spanish (West Indies, especially Cuba), from a word of West African origin, cf. Lokele (Zaire) boungu.

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