adjective, bon·ni·er, bon·ni·est.

  1. Chiefly Scot. pleasing to the eye; handsome; pretty.
  2. British Dialect.
    1. (of people) healthy, sweet, and lively.
    2. (of places) placid; tranquil.
    3. pleasing; agreeable; good.


  1. British Dialect. pleasingly; agreeably; very well.


  1. Scot. and North England Archaic. a pretty girl or young woman.


  1. a female given name: from the Latin word meaning “good.”

adjective -nier or -niest

  1. Scot and Northern English dialect beautiful or handsomea bonny lass
  2. merry or livelya bonny family
  3. good or finea bonny house
  4. (esp of babies) plump
  5. Scot and Northern English dialect considerable; to be reckoned withcost a bonny penny


  1. informal agreeably or wellto speak bonny


  1. Bight of Bonny a wide bay at the E end of the Gulf of Guinea off the coasts of Nigeria and CameroonFormer name (until 1975): Bight of Biafra

1540s, of unknown origin, apparently from Old French bon, bone “good” (see bon).

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