1. the lot, pack, or crowd: Send the whole boodle back to the factory.
  2. a large quantity of something, especially money: He’s worth a boodle.
  3. a bribe or other illicit payment, especially to or from a politician; graft.
  4. stolen goods; loot; booty; swag.

verb (used without object), boo·dled, boo·dling.

  1. to obtain money dishonestly, as by bribery or swindling.
  1. kit and boodle. kit1(def 10).


  1. money or valuables, esp when stolen, counterfeit, or used as a bribe
  2. mainly US another word for caboodle


  1. to give or receive money corruptly or illegally

1833, “crowd;” 1858, “phony money,” especially “graft money,” actual or potential (1883), both American English slang, either or both based on bundle, or from Dutch boedel “property.”

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