[ad_1] adjective
  1. on or near a border or boundary.
  2. uncertain; indeterminate; debatable: not an alcoholic, but a borderline case.
  3. not quite meeting accepted, expected, or average standards.
  4. approaching bad taste or obscenity: He made several borderline remarks that offended them.


  1. a person suffering from borderline personality.


  1. a border; dividing line; line of demarcation
  2. an indeterminate position between two conditions or qualitiesthe borderline between friendship and love


  1. on the edge of one category and verging on anothera borderline failure in the exam

1869, “strip of land along a frontier,” from border (n.) + line (n.). As an adjective meaning “verging on” it is attested from 1907, originally in medical jargon.

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