bouclé or bou·cle [boo-kley] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. yarn with loops producing a rough, nubby appearance on woven or knitted fabrics.
  2. a fabric made of this yarn.

Origin of bouclé 1890–95; French: literally, curled; see buckle Examples from the Web for boucle Historical Examples of boucle

  • In the center is a metal knob, usually of brilliant brass, and the name “buckler” comes from this strong “boss” (boucle).

    Life on a Mediaeval Barony

    William Stearns Davis

  • British Dictionary definitions for boucle bouclé noun

    1. a curled or looped yarn or fabric giving a thick knobbly effect


    1. of or designating such a yarn or fabrica bouclé wool coat

    Word Origin for bouclé C19: from French bouclé curly, from boucle a curl, buckle

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