boudin blanc

boudin blanc

boudin blanc [French boo-dan blahn] Word Origin noun

  1. See under boudin.

Origin of boudin blanc French: white sausage boudin [boo-dan] noun, plural bou·dins [boo-dan; English boo-danz] /buˈdɛ̃; English buˈdɛ̃z/. French Cookery.

  1. a blood sausage (boudin noir) or sometimes a white sausage (boudin blanc), made of chicken, pork, or veal.

Origin of boudin 1795–1805, Americanism; Louisiana French, French: sausage; Old French, of obscure origin British Dictionary definitions for boudin blanc boudin noun

  1. a French version of a black pudding

Word Origin for boudin C20: French Boudin noun

  1. Eugène (øʒɛn). 1824–98, French painter: one of the first French landscape painters to paint in the open air; a forerunner of impressionism
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