Bourget [boo r-zhey; French boor-zhe] Examples noun

  1. Paul [pawl] /pɔl/, 1852–1935, French novelist and critic.

Le Bourget [luh boo r-zhey; French luh boor-zhe] noun

  1. a suburb of Paris: former airport, landing site for Charles A. Lindbergh, May 1927.

Examples from the Web for bourget Historical Examples of bourget

  • They are convinced that Bourget has sounded the depths of feminine psychology.

    Trapped in ‘Black Russia’

    Ruth Pierce

  • Bourget is, indeed, the past-master of “psychological” fiction.

    Cosmopolis, Complete

    Paul Bourget

  • Bourget, who began thus as a Bohemian from necessity, has 213 ended as a snob.

    Paris and the Social Revolution

    Alvan Francis Sanborn

  • Bourget, Maupassant and Loti are found in all the stations, offered with the roast.

    The Book of Masks

    Remy de Gourmont

  • On the 26th of September the cornerstones were blessed by Bishop Bourget.

    Montreal 1535-1914, Volume II (of 2)

    William Henry Atherton

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