bouton [bōō-tôn′] n.

  1. A button, pustule, or knoblike swelling.

Examples from the Web for bouton Historical Examples of bouton

  • On inquiring he learnt that a workman named Bouton had produced the car.

    The Romance of Modern Mechanism

    Archibald Williams

  • Thus came the partnership, in 1882, with Bouton and Trepardoux.

    Automobile Biographies

    Lyman Horace Weeks

  • Bouton’s Rough and Ready is quoted from $5 to $25 if on original envelope.

    Harper’s Round Table, June 18, 1895


  • At the railroad end was the Hotel Bouton, where I had breakfasted.


    Charles Rumford Walker

  • The mills had been running for ten years; they always had a night-shift in Bouton.


    Charles Rumford Walker

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