bouzouki or bou·sou·ki, bu·zu·ki [boo-zoo-kee] Word Origin noun, plural bou·zou·kis, bou·zou·ki·a [boo-zoo-kee-uh] /bʊˈzu ki ə/.

  1. a long-necked, fretted lute of modern Greece.

Origin of bouzouki 1950–55; Modern Greek mpouzoúki; Turkish bozuk (broken, ruined, depraved; cf. bashi-bazouk) or büzük (constricted, puckered) adduced as sources, but sense development is obscure British Dictionary definitions for bouzouki bouzouki noun

  1. a Greek long-necked stringed musical instrument related to the mandolin

Word Origin for bouzouki C20: from Modern Greek mpouzouki, perhaps from Turkish büjük large

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