bow-wow noun

  1. a child’s word for dog
  2. an imitation of the bark of a dog


  1. (intr) to bark or imitate a dog’s bark

Examples from the Web for bow-wow Contemporary Examples of bow-wow

  • When the risks and results of fighting are not equally distributed, we default to a world that delivers “Bow-wow POW.”

    The Taliban Trolled the Internet with a Dog Video and Upstaged an American POW

    Brian Van Reet

    February 11, 2014

  • Historical Examples of bow-wow

  • I told you before that my name is Dime; but the baby calls me “Bow-wow.”

    Our Young Folks at Home and Abroad


  • The little dog got his head out this time and said “Bow-wow!”

    The Road to Oz

    L. Frank Baum

  • “Stroke the bow-wow, Tommy,” whispered a wag in an audible aside.

    A Lively Bit of the Front

    Percy F. Westerman

  • Bow-Wow went after it and made leaps into the air to get it, and was just as glad as he could be.

    Bow-Wow and Mew-Mew

    Georgiana M. Craik

  • Bow-Wow said that Mew-Mew was idle, vain, and cross, and of no use to any one.

    Bow-Wow and Mew-Mew

    Georgiana M. Craik

  • Word Origin and History for bow-wow

    imitative of a dog’s barking, first recorded 1570s.

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