boysenberry [boi-zuh n-ber-ee, -suh n-] Word Origin noun, plural boy·sen·ber·ries.

  1. a blackberrylike fruit with a flavor similar to that of raspberries, developed by crossing various plants of the genus Rubus.

Origin of boysenberry 1930–35; named after R. Boysen, 20th-century American botanist, who bred it British Dictionary definitions for boysenberry boysenberry noun plural -ries

  1. a type of bramble: a hybrid of the loganberry and various blackberries and raspberries
  2. the large red edible fruit of this plant

Word Origin for boysenberry C20: named after Rudolph Boysen, American botanist who developed it Word Origin and History for boysenberry n.

1935, developed early 1900s by California botanist Rudolf Boysen (1895-1950) and named for him.

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