Br Examples Symbol, Chemistry.

  1. bromine.

BR Real Estate.

  1. bedroom.


  1. bedroom.
  2. branch.
  3. brass.
  4. brig.
  5. bronze.
  6. brother.
  7. brown.


  1. brick.
  2. Britain.
  3. British.

b.r. or B.R., B/R. Commerce.

  1. bills receivable.

Examples from the Web for br Historical Examples of br

  • Now, please to speak for us, and tell us what you think of Br.

    Bertha and Her Baptism

    Nehemiah Adams

  • Mr. A., the reader, then said that he should be glad to learn from his Br.

    Bertha and Her Baptism

    Nehemiah Adams

  • An’ I can ‘member, Br’er Cotten, when you didn’ own fo’ houses an’ a fahm.

    The Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, 1995, Memorial Issue


  • Then he proceeded to tell me what a great institution “Br’er Rabbit” was.

    An African Adventure

    Isaac F. Marcosson

  • Behind the mantle are two buds (br), the rudiments of the gills.

    The Works of Francis Maitland Balfour, Volume II (of 4)

    Francis Maitland Balfour

  • British Dictionary definitions for br br abbreviation for

    1. brother
    2. Also: B/R bills receivable

    the internet domain name for

    1. Brazil

    Br abbreviation for

    1. (in a religious order) Brother

    the chemical symbol for

    1. bromine

    BR abbreviation for

    1. (formerly) British Rail
    2. Brazil (international car registration)

    Br. abbreviation for

    1. Britain
    2. British

    br in Medicine Br

    1. The symbol for the elementbromine

    br in Science Br

    1. The symbol for bromine.

    bromine [brō′mēn] Br

    1. A reddish-brown volatile element of the halogen group found in compounds occurring in ocean water. The pure form is a nonmetallic liquid that gives off a highly irritating vapor. It is used to make dyes, sedatives, and photographic film. Atomic weight 79.904; atomic number 35; melting point 7.2°C; boiling point 58.78°C; specific gravity 3.12; valence 1, 3, 5, 7. See Periodic Table.

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