brabble [brab-uh l]Obsolete ExamplesWord Origin verb (used without object), brab·bled, brab·bling.

  1. to argue stubbornly about trifles; wrangle.


  1. noisy, quarrelsome chatter.

Origin of brabble First recorded in 1490–1500, brabble is from the Dutch word brabbelen to quarrel, jabberRelated formsbrab·ble·ment, nounbrab·bler, noun Examples from the Web for brabble Historical Examples of brabble

  • But now Patricia confessed to a restless longing for the sight of city streets and the brabble of city noises.

    The Honorable Senator Sage-Brush

    Francis Lynde

  • British Dictionary definitions for brabble brabble verb, noun

    1. a rare word for squabble

    Derived Formsbrabbler, nounWord Origin for brabble C16: from Middle Dutch brabbelen to jabber

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