brachial artery

brachial artery

brachial artery n.

  1. An artery that is a continuation of the axillary artery, with branches to the deep brachial, superior and inferior ulnar collateral, muscular, and nutrient arteries, and with bifurcations at the elbow into the radial and the ulnar arteries.
  2. An artery that is an occasional variation of the brachial artery and in which the brachial artery lies superficial to the median nerve in the arm; superficial brachial artery.
  3. An artery with origin in the brachial artery, with distribution to the shoulder and to the muscles and integument of the arm, and with anastomoses to the radial recurrent, recurrent interosseous, ulnar collateral, and posterior circumflex humeral arteries; deep brachial artery.

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