bracing [brey-sing] SynonymsExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. strengthening; invigorating: This mountain air is bracing.
  2. of, relating to, or serving as a brace.


  1. a brace.
  2. braces collectively: The bracing on this scaffold is weak.
  3. material, as timber, used for braces.

Origin of bracing 1475–85; brace (v.) + -ing1, -ing2 Related formsbrac·ing·ly, adverbbrac·ing·ness, nounSynonyms for bracing 1. stimulating, revivifying, energizing. Examples from the Web for bracingly Contemporary Examples of bracingly

  • Instead, the real-life Freitag laughs, smiles, and is bracingly candid.

    Chopped? Amanda Freitag Hopes Not

    Tim Teeman

    February 4, 2014

  • Historical Examples of bracingly

  • “Of course you would be all right anyhow,” Bob said bracingly.

    Queensland Cousins

    Eleanor Luisa Haverfield

  • “Well, that oughtn’t to influence you,” Susan said bracingly.

    Saturday’s Child

    Kathleen Norris

  • The Aeroplane Lady, bracingly cheerful, met them with a sheaf of official documents for the young Army aviator.

    The Boy with Wings

    Berta Ruck

  • But I liked the third: it was so bracingly unorthodox, even according to the tenets of Soames’ peculiar sect in the faith.

    Seven Men

    Max Beerbohm

  • British Dictionary definitions for bracingly bracing adjective

    1. refreshing; stimulating; invigoratingthe air here is bracing


    1. a system of braces used to strengthen or supportthe bracing supporting the building is perfectly adequate

    Derived Formsbracingly, adverb

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