Bradstreet [brad-street] Examples noun

  1. Anne (Dudley),1612?–72, American poet.
  2. her husbandSimon,1603–97, governor of the Massachusetts colony 1679–86, 1689–92.

Examples from the Web for bradstreet Contemporary Examples of bradstreet

  • Cognizant, headquartered in New Jersey, grew out of a partnership between Dun & Bradstreet and an Indian firm.

    Legal Outsourcing Within the United States

    Ilana Glazer

    April 1, 2013

  • Historical Examples of bradstreet

  • Have your account as a moral risk rather than as a Dun or Bradstreet risk.

    Dollars and Sense

    Col. Wm. C. Hunter

  • If you are a subscriber to Bradstreet’s or Dun’s Agencies, get a report from them.

    Successful Stock Speculation

    John James Butler

  • In 1679, after the death of Leverett, Bradstreet was elected governor.

    Beginnings of the American People

    Carl Lotus Becker

  • Bradstreet found the northern Indians ready to come to terms.

    Four American Indians

    Edson L. Whitney

  • Indeed, it is a likely ruse enough, observed Bradstreet, thoughtfully.

    Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

    A. Conan Doyle

  • British Dictionary definitions for bradstreet Bradstreet noun

    1. Anne (Dudley). ?1612–72, US poet, born in England: regarded as the first significant US poet

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