Brahman 1[brah-muh n] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural Brah·mans. Hinduism.

  1. Also Brahmin. a member of the highest, or priestly, class among the Hindus.Compare Kshatriya, Shudra, Vaisya.
  2. Also Brahma. the impersonal supreme being, the primal source and ultimate goal of all beings, with which Atman, when enlightened, knows itself to be identical.

Origin of Brahman 1 1475–85; Sanskrit brāhmaṇa (for def 1), brahman (for def 2) Related formsBrah·man·ic [brah-man-ik] /brɑˈmæn ɪk/, Brah·man·i·cal, adjectivenon-Brah·man·ic, adjectivenon-Brah·man·i·cal, adjective Brahman 2[brey-muh n, brah-] noun

  1. any of several breeds of Indian cattle, especially a grayish, heat-resistant American breed raised chiefly in the Gulf States.

Origin of Brahman 2 1935–40; special use of Brahman priest Related Words for brahman aristocrat, noble, patrician, thoroughbred, Brahman, silk-stocking Examples from the Web for brahman Historical Examples of brahman

  • At a rest-house by the way I noticed a Brahman, and went to see if he would listen.

    Things as They Are

    Amy Wilson-Carmichael

  • The Brahman, still more sad, asked the Road to give him its opinion.

    Boys and Girls Bookshelf (Vol 2 of 17)


  • Little is said of earning a living; the Brahman is not to be worldly, but he is to be independent if he can.

    History of Religion

    Allan Menzies

  • The law of Manu hinges on the superiority of the Brahman over the other castes.

    History of Religion

    Allan Menzies

  • King of the Sakyas, you forget yourself, I am a Brahman and of noble birth.

    The Buddha

    Paul Carus

  • British Dictionary definitions for brahman Brahman noun plural -mans

    1. Also called (esp formerly): Brahmin (sometimes not capital) a member of the highest or priestly caste in the Hindu caste system
    2. Hinduism the ultimate and impersonal divine reality of the universe, from which all being originates and to which it returns
    3. another name for Brahma 1

    Derived FormsBrahmanic (brɑːˈmænɪk) or Brahmanical, adjectiveWord Origin for Brahman C14: from Sanskrit brāhmana, from brahman prayer Word Origin and History for brahman Brahman

    see brahmin.

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