brak 1 adjective

  1. Southern African (of water) brackish or salty

Word Origin for brak C19: Afrikaans brak 2 noun

  1. Southern African a mongrel dog

Word Origin for brak C20: from Afrikaans, literally: setter Examples from the Web for brak Historical Examples of brak

  • You and I, Wullie, we’ll brak’ oorsel’s slavin’ for him while he looks on and laffs.

    Bob, Son of Battle

    Alfred Ollivant

  • Gin I do naething, my hert ‘ll brak wi’ the weicht o’ my shame.’

    Robert Falconer

    George MacDonald

  • He’ll brak his shins agean some o’ yer pots, and tables, and stuff.


    Charlotte Bront

  • “Ye’ve anither arm to brak, Giles,” said Mike, in a low voice.

    Wilson’s Tales of the Borders and of Scotland


  • The Brak was in spate, and he could not cross it to Prieska.

    A Handbook of the Boer War

    Gale and Polden, Limited

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