1. the upper edge of anything hollow; rim; brink: the brim of a cup.
  2. a projecting edge: the brim of a hat.
  3. margin.

verb (used without object), brimmed, brim·ming.

  1. to be full to the brim.

verb (used with object), brimmed, brim·ming.

  1. to fill to the brim.

noun, plural (especially collectively) brim, (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) brims.

  1. Southern U.S. bream1(def 4).


  1. the upper rim of a vesselthe brim of a cup
  2. a projecting rim or edgethe brim of a hat
  3. the brink or edge of something

verb brims, brimming or brimmed

  1. to fill or be full to the brimeyes brimming with tears

c.1200, brymme “edge of the sea,” of obscure origin, perhaps akin to Old Norse barmr “rim, brim,” probably related to German bräme “margin, border, fringe,” from PIE *bhrem- “point, spike, edge.” (Old English had brim in the sense “sea, surf,” but this probably was from the Germanic stem *brem- “to roar, rage.”) Extended by 1520s to cups, basins, hats.


“to fill to the brim,” 1610s, from brim (n.). Intransitive sense (“be full to the brim”) attested from 1818. Related: Brimmed; brimming.


  1. The rim of the upper opening of the pelvis.

see filled to the brim.

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