bronze age


  1. a period in the history of humankind, following the Stone Age and preceding the Iron Age, during which bronze weapons and implements were used.
  2. (lowercase) Classical Mythology. the third of the four ages of the human race, marked by war and violence; regarded as inferior to the silver age but superior to the following iron age.


  1. classical myth a period of human existence marked by war and violence, following the golden and silver ages and preceding the iron age


  1. archaeol
    1. a technological stage between the Stone and Iron Ages, beginning in the Middle East about 4500 bc and lasting in Britain from about 2000 to 500 bc, during which weapons and tools were made of bronze and there was intensive trading
    2. (as modifier)a Bronze-Age tool

  1. A period of human culture between the Stone Age and the Iron Age, characterized by the use of weapons and implements made of cast bronze. The beginning of the Bronze Age is generally dated before 3000 bce in parts of Mediterranean Europe, the Middle East, and China. See Note at Three Age system.

A period of history from roughly 4000 b.c. to the onset of the Iron Age. During the Bronze Age, people learned to make bronze tools. In the Bronze Age in Mesopotamia, the wheel and the ox-drawn plow were in use.

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