Bushwick Bill

Bushwick Bill: rapper hip-hop group Geto Boys died

Rapper Bushwick Bill, one of the three members of the hip-hop group Geto Boys, is dead. He died at age 52 after a brief illness pancreatic cancer,

The Geto Boys were in the late eighties, early nineties as important chroniclers of black life in Houston. "Mind Playing Tricks On Me" (1991), her biggest commercial success, was selected by magazines such as "Spin" or "Pitchfork" for the list of the most important singles of the 1990s.

Bushwick Bill was founded in 1966 as Richard Stephen Shaw in Kingston, Jamaica born and came to Houston via Brooklyn. As a grown man he was only 1.11 meters tall, which is why he also appeared under the stage name Little Billy at the beginning of his career.

At the Geto Boys Shaw was initially active as a dancer before he rose to become a rapper. Together with Willie D and Scarface, he formed the core of the group, which soon attracted attention with their lyrics. "With drastic lyrics about rape, necrophilia, murder and mental illness they wrote the dramatic chronicle of a futile life in the 5th Ward," says the magazine "Spex" about the Geto Boys.

"Phuck Cancer"

Bushwick Bill gained notoriety when he shot himself in a drunken state in 1991 and lost an eye. The following year he rapped the line "I had to loose eye to see shit clearly" on his solo album "Little Big Man". Over the past few decades, Shaw has been active both as a solo artist and at Geto Boys reunion shows.

In early 2019, he was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer. A final tour together with the Geto Boys, fueled by Shaw's cancer diagnosis, but was canceled by him, according to "Rolling Stone" but at short notice: The promoter had wanted to call the tour "The Beginning of a Long Goodbye: The Final Farewell".

Shortly before his death, "Rolling Stone", Shaw had planned a solo tour. Her title: "Phuck Cancer".

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