Symbol, Chemistry.

  1. calcium.

  1. California (approved especially for use with zip code).
  2. chronological age.

verb (used with or without object) Scot.

  1. to call, as to call an animal toward one; urge forward by calling.

  1. variant of ker-.

  1. cathode.
  2. centiare.
  3. Also ca (with a year) about: ca. 476 b.c.

  1. Central America.
  2. chartered accountant.
  3. Accounting. chief accountant.
  4. Coast Artillery.
  5. commercial agent.
  6. consular agent.
  7. controller of accounts.
  8. current assets.

  1. capital account.
  2. cash account.
  3. credit account.
  4. current account.

the internet domain name for

  1. Canada

the chemical symbol for

  1. calcium

abbreviation for

  1. California
  2. Central America
  3. chartered accountant
  4. chief accountant
  5. consular agent
  6. (in Britain) Consumers’ Association

abbreviation for

  1. circa

abbreviation for

  1. capital account
  2. credit account
  3. current account


  1. circa

  1. The symbol for the elementcalcium


  1. cancer
  2. carcinoma
  3. chronologic age
  4. cytosine arabinoside

  1. The symbol for calcium.


  1. A silvery-white, moderately hard metallic element of the alkaline-earth group that occurs in limestone and gypsum. It is a basic component of leaves, bones, teeth, and shells, and is essential for the normal growth and development of most animals and plants. Calcium is used to make plaster, cement, and alloys. Atomic number 20; atomic weight 40.08; melting point 842 to 848°C; boiling point 1,487°C; specific gravity 1.55; valence 2. See Periodic Table.

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