< /kælˈkɛər i ə/. Glassmaking.

  1. a reverberatory furnace for preparing frit.

noun plural calcaria (kælˈkɛərɪə)

  1. a spur or spurlike process, as on the leg of a bird or the corolla of a flower

n. pl. cal•car•i•a (kăl-kâr′ē-ə)

  1. A small spurlike projection from a structure.
  2. An internal septum at the level of division of arteries and confluence of veins when branches or roots form an acute angle.
  3. A dull spine or projection from a bone.
  4. A horny outgrowth from the skin.

  1. A spur or spurlike projection, such as one found on the base of a petal or on the wing or leg of a bird.
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