1. a person or thing that calls.
  2. a person who makes a short visit.
  3. Dance. a person who directs the movements of dancers, as at a hoedown or square dance, by calling out the successive figures as the music plays.

adjective Scot. and North England.

  1. (of fruit, fish, vegetables, etc.) fresh; recently picked or caught.
  2. refreshing.


  1. a person or thing that calls, esp a person who makes a brief visit
  2. Australian a racing commentator

adjective Scot

  1. (of food, esp fish) fresh
  2. coola caller breeze

c.1500, “one who proclaims,” agent noun from call (v.). Meaning “one who announces step changes at a dance” is recorded from 1882; “one who places a telephone call,” 1898. Meaning “a social visitor” is attested from 1786.

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