verb (used with object), can·on·ized, can·on·iz·ing.

  1. Ecclesiastical. to place in the canon of saints.
  2. to glorify.
  3. to make canonical; place or include within a canon, especially of scriptural works: They canonized the Song of Solomon after much controversy.
  4. to consider or treat as sacrosanct or holy: They canonized his many verbal foibles and made them gospel.
  5. to sanction or approve authoritatively, especially ecclesiastically.
  6. Archaic. to deify.

verb (tr)

  1. RC Church to declare (a person) to be a saint and thus admit to the canon of saints
  2. to regard as holy or as a saint
  3. to sanction by canon law; pronounce valid

late 14c., “to place in the canon or calendar of saints,” from Old French cannonisier and directly from Medieval Latin canonizare, from Late Latin canon “church rule” (see canon (n.1)). Related: Canonized; cannonizing.

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