noun Electricity.

  1. the ratio of an impressed charge on a conductor to the corresponding change in potential.
  2. the ratio of the charge on either conductor of a capacitor to the potential difference between the conductors.
  3. the property of being able to collect a charge of electricity. Symbol: C


  1. the property of a system that enables it to store electric charge
  2. a measure of this, equal to the charge that must be added to such a system to raise its electrical potential by one unit

1893, from capacity + -ance.

  1. A measure of the ability of a configuration of materials to store electric charge. In a capacitor, capacitance depends on the size of the plates, the type of insulator, and the amount of space between the plates. Most electrical components display capacitance to some degree; even the spaces between components of a circuit have a natural capacitance. Capacitance is measured in farads. Compare inductance.
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