noun, plural car·goes, car·gos.

  1. the lading or freight of a ship, airplane, etc.
  2. load.
  3. cargos, pants or shorts having several cargo pockets to hold bulky gear and small items.


  1. of or denoting a style of pants or shorts with cargo pockets.

noun plural -goes or -gos

    1. goods carried by a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle; freight
    2. (as modifier)a cargo vessel
  1. any loadthe train pulled in with its cargo of new arrivals

1650s, “freight loaded on a ship,” from Spanish cargo “burden,” from cargar “to load, impose taxes,” from Late Latin carricare “to load on a cart” (see charge (v.)). South Pacific cargo cult is from 1949. Cargo pants attested from 1977.

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