1. a set of stationary bells hung in a tower and sounded by manual or pedal action, or by machinery.
  2. a set of horizontal metal plates, struck by hammers, used in the modern orchestra.

noun music

  1. a set of bells usually hung in a tower and played either by keys and pedals or mechanically
  2. a tune played on such bells
  3. an organ stop giving the effect of a bell
  4. a form of celesta or keyboard glockenspiel

verb -lons, -lonning or -lonned

  1. (intr) to play a carillon

1775, from French carillon, which, according to French sources, is from Old French carignon “set of four bells,” an alteration of quarregon, from Vulgar Latin *quadrinionem, from Latin quaternionem “set of four,” from quater “four times,” from PIE *kwetrus, from root *kwetwer- “four” (see four).

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