1. ChristopherKit, 1809–68, U.S. frontiersman and scout.
  2. Sir Edward HenryBaron Carson, 1854–1935, Irish public official.
  3. Johnny,1925–2005, U.S. television entertainer.
  4. Rachel Louise,1907–1964, U.S. marine biologist and author.
  5. a city in SW California.
  6. a river in N California and NW Nevada, flowing NE to the Carson Sink. 150 miles (241 km) long.
  7. a male or female given name.


  1. Christopher, known as Kit Carson. 1809–68, US frontiersman, trapper, scout, and Indian agent
  2. Edward Henry, Baron. 1854–1935, Anglo-Irish politician and lawyer; led northern Irish resistance to the British government’s plan for home rule for Ireland
  3. Rachel (Louise). 1907–64, US marine biologist and science writer; author of Silent Spring (1962)
  4. Willie, full name William Hunter Fisher Carson. born 1942, Scottish jockey: rode four winners in the Derby (1979, 1980, 1989, 1994)

  1. American marine biologist and writer whose best-known book, Silent Spring (1962), was an influential study of the dangerous effects of synthetic pesticides on food chains. Public reaction to the book resulted in stricter controls on pesticide use and shaped the ideas of the modern environmental movement.

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