National Geographic travel photo contest: Seagull Hour – SPIEGEL ONLINE

National Geographic travel photo contest: Seagull Hour - SPIEGEL ONLINE

HUAIFENG LI/ 2019 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVEL PHOTO CONTEST National Geographic magazine travel photography contest winners: Actresses prepare for their appearance at the Chinese Opera in Licheng. The photographer Huaifeng Li has repeatedly visited the inhabitants of the artificial caves, the Yaodongs, on the Loess Plateau and portrayed them during their …

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Turkey: Airbus A330 sunk as a diving spot

Türkei: Die A330 und  anderer Unterwasserschrott

Sunday, 06/16/2019 16:55 clock First, the tail of the Airbus A330 lowers, then protrudes only the nose of the giant aircraft from the water. From the cockpit windows gushes, a vortex on the sea surface – then you can not see anything from the 65 meter long plane. On Video …

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Alps: Many huts still closed due to snow

Schnee vor dem Schweizer Nufenenpass (Juni): Manche Hütten und Passtraßen sind wegen Schnee noch geschlossen

Saturday, 06/15/2019 10:06 clock The snow chaos of this winter is still having an effect in the Alps: one week before the official start of the summer, landlords and alpine farmers are still struggling with the consequences. Many of the higher altitude Huts of the German Alpine Club (DAV) could …

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Aida, MSC, TUI Cruises, Costa: Cruise ships barely touch Turkey

Türkische Küste: "Keine Pläne, die Türkei wieder anzulaufen"

Friday, 06/14/2019 17:10 The eastern Mediterranean as a tourist destination is booming this summer – especially Turkey. Nevertheless, cruise ships of the largest providers in the German market do not return to the country. In the past, the government had even offered subsidies to shipping companies – as well as …

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British man donates frozen toe to a Yukon bar

(CNN) — When Adam Gerle went to do the job a person early morning this week, he was thrilled to last but not least find a parcel with a frozen huge toe in it. Gerle is the basic manger of the Downtown Lodge in Dawson Town, Canada, which is environment-renowned …

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