Saturday , October 19 2019
Cathy Hummels

Cathy Hummels: Process start because of possible surreptitious advertising

At the start of a lawsuit against unauthorized advertising against Instagram celebrity Cathy Hummels, the Munich district court has cast doubt on their argumentation. "That Mrs. Hummels – with all the love – can not be friends with 465,000 people in the world, is quite clear," said the Chair Judge Monika Rhein. A decision on the lawsuit will be announced by the court on April 29.

The Association Social Competition has sued the wife of football professional Mats Hummelsbecause in over a dozen Instagram posts for her 465,000 followers, she had named the manufacturers of her shoes and apparel and linked the websites of the companies. The Berlin-based association accuses her of unauthorized advertising.

"I'm not aware of any guilt," said Hummels after the trial. Your argument: You have received no consideration from the manufacturer for these contributions, which is why it is not advertising in their view. Judge Rhein, however, said Hummel's followers knew that her Instagram account was not a private, but a commercial activity.

The Association Social Competition is known among competition lawyers for warnings and lawsuits. In addition to Hummels, the association has in recent months also involved fitness model Pamela Reif and other influencers in litigation.

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