celestial globe


  1. See under globe(def 3).


  1. the planet Earth (usually preceded by the).
  2. a planet or other celestial body.
  3. a sphere on which is depicted a map of the earth (terrestrial globe) or of the heavens (celestial globe).
  4. a spherical body; sphere.
  5. anything more or less spherical, as a lampshade or a glass fishbowl.
  6. a golden ball traditionally borne as an emblem of sovereignty; orb.

verb (used with object), globed, glob·ing.

  1. to form into a globe.

verb (used without object), globed, glob·ing.

  1. to take the form of a globe.


  1. a spherical model of the celestial sphere showing the relative positions of stars, constellations, etc


  1. a sphere on which a map of the world or the heavens is drawn or represented
  2. the globe the world; the earth
  3. a planet or some other astronomical body
  4. an object shaped like a sphere, such as a glass lampshade or fish-bowl
  5. Australian, NZ and Southern African an electric light bulb
  6. an orb, usually of gold, symbolic of authority or sovereignty


  1. to form or cause to form into a globe

mid-15c., “sphere,” from Middle French globe (14c.) and directly from Latin globus “round mass, sphere, ball,” also, of men, “a throng, crowd, body, mass,” related to gleba “clod, soil, land” (see glebe). Sense of “planet earth,” or a three-dimensional map of it first attested 1550s.

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