noun, plural cha·lutz·im [khah-loo-tseem khah-loo-tsim] /xɑ luˈtsim xɑˈlu tsɪm/. Hebrew.

  1. halutz.

noun, plural ha·lutz·im [Sephardic Hebrew khah-loo-tseem; Ashkenazic Hebrew khah-loo-tsim] /Sephardic Hebrew ˌxɑ luˈtsim; Ashkenazic Hebrew xɑˈlu tsɪm/. Hebrew.

  1. a person who immigrates to Israel to establish or join a settlement for accomplishing tasks, as clearing the land or planting trees, that are necessary to future development of the country.

noun plural -lutzim (-luːˈtsiːm, English -ˈluːtsɪm)

  1. a member of an organization of immigrants to Israeli agricultural settlements


  1. a variant spelling of chalutz

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