adjective, chast·er, chast·est.

  1. refraining from sexual intercourse that is regarded as contrary to morality or religion; virtuous.
  2. virgin.
  3. not engaging in sexual relations; celibate.
  4. free from obscenity; decent: chaste conversation.
  5. undefiled or stainless: chaste, white snow.
  6. pure in style; not excessively ornamented; simple.
  7. Obsolete. unmarried.


  1. not having experienced sexual intercourse; virginal
  2. abstaining from sexual intercourse, esp that which is unlawful or immoral
  3. (of conduct, speech, etc) pure; decent; modest
  4. (of style or taste) free from embellishment; simple; restrained

c.1200, “virtuous, pure from unlawful sexual intercourse” (as defined by the Church), from Old French chaste “morally pure” (12c.), from Latin castus “clean, pure, morally pure” (see caste). Transferred sense of “sexually pure” is by 15c., perhaps by influence of chastity, though chaste as a noun meaning “virgin person” is recorded from early 14c. Related: Chastely.

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