1. Lake, a lake in SW New York. 18 miles (29 km) long.
  2. a village on this lake: summer educational center.
  3. an annual educational meeting, originating in this village in 1874, providing public lectures, concerts, and dramatic performances during the summer months, usually in an outdoor setting.
  4. (usually lowercase) any similar assembly, especially one of a number meeting in a circuit of communities.


  1. of or relating to a system of education flourishing in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, originating at Lake Chautauqua, New York.
  2. (usually lowercase) pertaining to a chautauqua: a chautauqua program.


  1. (in the US, formerly) a summer school or educational meeting held in the summer

“assembly for popular education,” 1873, from town in New York, U.S., where an annual Methodist summer colony featured lectures. The name is from ja’dahgweh, a Seneca (Iroquoian) name, possibly “one has taken out fish there,” but an alternative suggested meaning is “raised body.”

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