1. deception; chicanery.

verb (used with object), chi·caned, chi·can·ing.

  1. to trick by chicanery.
  2. to quibble over; cavil at.


  1. a bridge or whist hand without trumps
  2. motor racing a short section of sharp narrow bends formed by barriers placed on a motor-racing circuit to provide an additional test of driving skill
  3. a less common word for chicanery


  1. (tr) to deceive or trick by chicanery
  2. (tr) to quibble about; cavil over
  3. (intr) to use tricks or chicanery

in English in various senses, including “act of chicanery” (1670s), “obstacles on a roadway” (1955), also a term in bridge (1880s), apparently all ultimately from an archaic verb chicane “to trick” (1670s), from French chicane (16c.), from chicaner “to pettifog, quibble” (15c., see chicanery).

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