[ad_1] noun
  1. a signed note for money owed for food, drink, etc.
  2. any receipt, voucher, or similar document, especially of an informal nature.
  3. Chiefly British. a note; short memorandum.


  1. a child or young person, especially a pert girl.

noun Hinduism.

  1. cit.

noun Hinduism.

  1. pure consciousness.


  1. a voucher for a sum of money owed, esp for food or drink
  2. Also called: chitty (ˈtʃɪtɪ) mainly British
    1. a note or memorandum
    2. a requisition or receipt


  1. facetious, or derogatory a pert, impudent, or self-confident girl or childa young chit of a thing

abbreviation for (in New Zealand)

  1. Central Institute of Technology

“note,” 1776, short for chitty, from Mahrati (Hindi) chitthi “letter, note,” from Sanskrit chitra-s “distinctively marked” (cf. cheetah).


“small child,” 1620s, originally “young of a beast” (late 14c.); unrelated to chit (n.1); perhaps a playful deformation of kitten, but the “Middle English Dictionary” compares Old High German kizzin “kid.”


colloquial shortening of citizen, 1640s; contrasted to a countryman or a gentleman, usually with some measure of opprobrium (Johnson defines it as “A pert low townsman; a pragmatical trader”).

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