chlorpropamide [klawr-prop-uh-mahyd, -proh-puh-, klohr-] Word Origin noun Pharmacology.

  1. an oral hypoglycemic substance, C10H13ClN2O3S, used to augment insulin secretion in the treatment of certain kinds of diabetes mellitus.

Origin of chlorpropamide First recorded in 1955–60; chlor-2 + prop(ane) + amide British Dictionary definitions for chlorpropamide chlorpropamide noun

  1. a sulfonylurea drug that reduces blood glucose and is administered orally in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Formula: C 10 H 13 ClN 2 O 3 S

chlorpropamide in Medicine chlorpropamide [klôr-prō′pə-mīd′] n.

  1. An orally effective hypoglycemic agent, related chemically and pharmacologically to tolbutamide and used in controlling hyperglycemia in certain cases of diabetes mellitus.
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