cholla [chohl-yah, -yuh; Spanish chaw-yah] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural chol·las [chohl-yahz, -yuh z; Spanish chaw-yahs] /ˈtʃoʊl yɑz, -yəz; Spanish ˈtʃɔ yɑs/.

  1. any of several spiny treelike cacti belonging to the genus Opuntia, especially O. fulgida of the southwestern U.S. and Mexico, having knobby outgrowths and yellow spines.

Origin of cholla 1855–60, Americanism; Mexican Spanish cholla head (perhaps Old French (dial.) cholle ball keel1 Examples from the Web for cholla Contemporary Examples of cholla

  • He had scratches on his wrist, maybe from a cholla cactus or from sleeping under a mesquite tree.

    Arizona’s Immigrant Death Spiral

    Bryan Curtis

    July 28, 2010

  • Historical Examples of cholla

  • Among these the cholla is at once one of the most fascinating and the most exasperating.

    The Book of the National Parks

    Robert Sterling Yard

  • Cholla (Opuntia fulgida) ranges from Nevada southward into Mexico.

    American Forest Trees

    Henry H. Gibson

  • So if you are to see this phenomenon you will have to be on time, for Cholla never wait.

    The Fantastic Clan

    John James Thornber

  • Very cautiously a man emerged from behind a clump of cholla.

    Steve Yeager

    William MacLeod Raine

  • The dried heaps of cholla stirred as if unseen paws had pressed them.

    The Heart of the Desert

    Honor Willsie Morrow

  • British Dictionary definitions for cholla cholla noun

    1. any of several spiny cacti of the genus Opuntia that grow in the southwestern US and Mexico and have cylindrical stem segmentsSee also prickly pear

    Word Origin for cholla Mexican Spanish, from Spanish: head, perhaps from Old French (dialect) cholle ball, of Germanic origin

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