choom [choo m] ExamplesWord Origin noun Australian.

  1. an Englishman.

Origin of choom 1915–20; facetious respelling of chum1, with -oo- representing English Midlands pronunciation of the vowel Examples from the Web for choom Contemporary Examples of choom

  • The Choom Gang was a bunch of jockey stoner kids and Barack Obama, who then went by “Barry,” was their natural leader.

    Barack Obama Is the First Yuppie President

    Stuart Stevens

    January 2, 2014

  • They also reelected President Obama, he of the infamous “Choom Gang.”

    ‘Pot Psychology’: The Stoners’ Guide to Life

    Adam Auriemma

    November 11, 2012

  • Barry ultimately left the Choom Gang for Occidental College and then, in his junior year, transferred to Columbia in New York.

    David Maraniss’s Biography Spills on Obama’s Pot-Smoking & More

    Matthew DeLuca, Caitlin Dickson

    May 25, 2012

  • “Wasting good bud smoke was not tolerated,” explained one member of the Choom Gang.


    Michael Tomasky

    May 25, 2012

  • Historical Examples of choom

  • There was a little nurse, mostly on night duty, who was dubbed “Choom,” for she came from Yorkshire and had a rich brogue.

    “Over There” with the Australians

    R. Hugh Knyvett

  • British Dictionary definitions for choom choom noun

    1. (often capital) old-fashioned, Australian slang, or jocular an Englishman

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