choral [adjective kawr-uh l, kohr-; noun kuh-ral, kaw-, koh-, kawr-uh l, kohr-] Word Origin adjective

  1. of a chorus or a choir: She heads our new choral society.
  2. sung by, adapted for, or containing a chorus or a choir.


  1. chorale.

Origin of choral 1580–90; Medieval Latin chorālis, equivalent to chor(us) chorus + -ālis -al1 Related formscho·ral·ly, adverb British Dictionary definitions for chorally choral adjective (ˈkɔːrəl)

  1. relating to, sung by, or designed for a chorus or choir

noun (kɒˈrɑːl)

  1. a variant spelling of chorale

Derived Formschorally, adverb Word Origin and History for chorally choral adj.

1580s, from Middle French choral or directly from Medieval Latin choralis “belonging to a chorus or choir,” from Latin chorus (see chorus).

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