chordotomy [kawr-dot-uh-mee] Word Origin noun, plural chor·dot·o·mies.

  1. cordotomy.

Origin of chordotomy chord1 + -o- + -tomy cordotomy or chor·dot·o·my [kawr-dot-uh-mee] noun, plural cor·dot·o·mies.

  1. the surgical severance of certain nerve fibers of the spinal cord to alleviate intractable pain.

Origin of cordotomy cord + -o- + -tomy chordotomy in Medicine chordotomy [kôr-dŏt′ə-mē] n.

  1. Variant ofcordotomy

cordotomy n.

  1. An operation on the spinal cord.
  2. Surgical division of tracts of the spinal cord, as for the relief of severe pain.

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