chow-chow [chou-chou] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. a Chinese mixed fruit preserve.
  2. a relish of chopped mixed pickles in mustard sauce.

Origin of chow-chow Borrowed into English from Chinese Pidgin English around 1785–95 chow chow [chou chou] noun (often initial capital letters)

  1. one of a Chinese breed of medium-sized dogs having a thick black, blue, red, or cream coat and a blue-black tongue.

Also chow. Origin of chow chow 1785–95; said to be dialectal Chinese; compare Guangdong dial. gáu dog Examples from the Web for chow-chow Historical Examples of chow-chow

  • “Chow-Chow” was not a pickle, but a chicken, and a real funny one, too.

    Our Little Ones and The Nursery, Vol. V, No. 9, July 1885


  • Why, it’s like one o’ those Chow-chow dogs, I’m blest if it isn’t!

    Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 105, November 11, 1893


  • When he hears dishes rattle, yells “Chow-chow” for a long time.

    Studies in Forensic Psychiatry

    Bernard Glueck

  • He led a happy life, with a perch and ring of ebony and silver, the freedom of the house, and chow-chow four times a day.

    Toto’s Merry Winter

    Laura E. Richards

  • And in a few weeks not a rooster in the neighborhood had such a musical, splendid crow as our “Chow-Chow.”

    Our Little Ones and The Nursery, Vol. V, No. 9, July 1885


  • British Dictionary definitions for chow-chow chow-chow noun

    1. a thick-coated breed of the spitz type of dog with a curled tail and a characteristic blue-black tongue; it came originally from ChinaOften shortened to: chow
    2. a Chinese preserve of ginger, orange peel, etc in syrup
    3. a mixed vegetable pickle

    Word Origin for chow-chow C19: from pidgin English, probably based on Mandarin Chinese cha miscellaneous

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