chromatid [kroh-muh-tid] Word Origin noun Genetics.

  1. one of two identical chromosomal strands into which a chromosome splits longitudinally preparatory to cell division.

Origin of chromatid First recorded in 1895–1900; chromat- + -id3 British Dictionary definitions for chromatid chromatid noun

  1. either of the two strands into which a chromosome divides during mitosis. They separate to form daughter chromosomes at anaphase

chromatid in Medicine chromatid [krō′mə-tĭd] n.

  1. Either of the two daughter strands of a duplicated chromosome that are joined by a single centromere and separate during cell division to become individual chromosomes.

chromatid in Science chromatid [krō′mə-tĭd]

  1. Either of the two strands formed when a chromosome duplicates itself as part of the early stages of cell division. The chromatids are joined together by a single centromere and later separate to become individual chromosomes. See more at meiosis mitosis.

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