chromato- Word Origin

  1. a combining form meaning “color,” used in the formation of compound words in this sense and in the specialized sense of “chromatin”: chromatophore; chromatolysis.

Also especially before a vowel, chromat-. Origin of chromato- Greek chromat-, stem of chrôma color + -o- British Dictionary definitions for chromato- chromato- before a vowel chromat- combining form

  1. indicating colour or colouredchromatophore
  2. indicating chromatinchromatolysis

Word Origin for chromato- from Greek khrōma, khrōmat- colour Word Origin and History for chromato-

before vowels chromat-, word forming element indicating “color; chromatin,” from Latinized form of Greek khromato-, from khroma (see chroma).

chromato- in Medicine chromato- pref.

  1. Color:chromatophore.
  2. Chromatin:chromatolysis.

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