chron- Examples

  1. variant of chrono- before a vowel: chronaxie.


  1. chronicle.
  2. chronograph.
  3. chronological.
  4. chronology.

Chron. Bible.

  1. Chronicles.

Examples from the Web for chron Historical Examples of chron

  • I had the year 1020 on my mind, which is the year assigned by Pinkerton for the writing of the Chron.

    Archaeological Essays, Vol. 1

    James Y. Simpson

  • The leaders of this expedition are given as in Barbour in Scalacronica, Chron.

    The Bruce

    John Barbour

  • And to have faithful, holy, and self-denying teachers, 2 Chron.

    A Christian Directory (Part 4 of 4)

    Richard Baxter

  • The priests were to offer “sacrifices” and “thanks to God every morning,” 1 Chron.

    A Christian Directory (Part 2 of 4)

    Richard Baxter

  • The commentator, wrongly supposed to be Rashi, gives an interesting note upon the passage in I Chron.

    The Itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela

    Benjamin of Tudela

  • British Dictionary definitions for chron Chron. abbreviation for

    1. Chronicles

    chron in Medicine chron- pref.

    1. Variant ofchrono-

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