chucker-out [chuhk-er-out] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural chuck·ers-out. British Slang.

  1. bouncer(def 2).

Origin of chucker-out 1875–80; chuck out + -er1 Examples from the Web for chucker-out Historical Examples of chucker-out

  • The strongest man might be needed as a “chucker-out” if there was a row.

    Glimpses into the Abyss

    Mary Higgs

  • I’ll appoint you chucker-out; in other words, I’ll make you deputy-manager, Mr. Green.

    The Woman’s Way

    Charles Garvice

  • The chucker-out had been very much occupied and had found the brook near the school-house door very handy.

    The Celebrity at Home

    Violet Hunt

  • After the war youll see him as a chucker-out at a pub., or throwing cannon-balls about the music-hall stage.

    John Brown

    Captain R. W. Campbell

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